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Carbon remains  (2018)

Carbon makes up 18% of the human body. It is the body’s second most important structural element after water. Carbon is represented in this piece by charcoal, which is mostly pure carbon. The amount used here approximates 18% of my own body weight. 


Carbon is also an essential component of the Earth's capacity to sustain life. However, in its gas form, carbon is one of the main anthropogenic contributors to climate change. The fabric integrates traces of the charcoal from a previous installation of Carbon Remains. The two objects, the sculpture (material) on the ground and the fabric (traces of material) on the wall, speak to the materiality of being on this earth and of the persistent traces that we leave behind.  


Materials: charcoal, plaster, paint, cotton fabric, casein based fixative

Materials: charcoal, plaster, paint, cotton fabric

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