DIY Flood  (Work in progress)

DIY flooding is an installation of found objects suspended from the ceiling and linked by a system of tubes that feed and drain water from them. It is a closed system, in which water circulates through each object in sequence. The objects might include: various plastic containers, a cushion, a pile of clothes, charcoal, a sand bag, etc. 


The found objects all refer to the domestic space, one that has been invaded by water. The installation works with the idea of flooding, but by filling the objects with water instead of having water around them, it reverses the usual hydraulics of flooding. Moreover, by enclosing it within a circulatory system, the installation creates a new ecosystem. The work is speculative, exploring flooding as a more or less permanent state. The DIY aesthetics and an interactive component refer to how the individual, as consumer and sovereign of their domain, is called upon as both the cause and solution to climate change and the attendant increased risks of flooding around the world. 

Materials: assorted found objects, pvc tubing, water pumps, water